Rugby's Extended School Year

The ESY Program was established to provide continued education and support structures to those students who would benefit throughout the summer months.

Our program includes academics in the classroom, vocational exploration, as well as social and emotional development.

To enhance and facilitate learning, field trips are coordinated in conjunction with the lessons.

The Extended School Year Program is geared toward each student's individual needs. Students are challenged to further appropriate socialization skills, communicate effectively, and develop new academic skills in an environment that is enjoyable and filled with an array of learning projects.

Objectives and Activities

Tuition is paid by child's home district if approved. All classified students' programs in compliance with IEP requirements per 6A:NJAC.


  • Basic instruction to reduce regression of learned skills
  • Cognitive skills development in Reading Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Environmental education through hands-on activities, nature hikes, and field based coursework

Social and Emotional Development:

  • Individualized counseling sessions
  • Hands on activities and art projects
  • Field Trips including parks, golfing, softball, swimming, and historical sites